Meet The CDM Crew

A team of trailblazers, misfits, and mavericks who are rewriting the rules

About Us

Where Creativity Meets Innovation in Perfect Harmony

We at CDM are an unstoppable team of skilled wordsmiths fueled by our passion for creating content that leaves a lasting impact. Together, we combine our diverse expertise and experience to provide tailor-made solutions that drive your business forward.

At our core, we believe in the power of customisation. We understand that every project is unique, requiring thorough research to unlock its true potential. Our commitment to excellence means we delve deep into your industry, analyse your competitors’ strategies, and gain a profound understanding of your target audience. This knowledge becomes the foundation from which we curate a precise blend of keywords and compelling verbiage.

We believe in continuous growth, both individually and as a collective. As a team, we foster an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing, allowing us to stay ahead of industry trends and ever-evolving best practices.

Meet the leaders

Sujata Upadhay

Founder | Boss Lady | Networking Queen

Sujata believes in ‘logical writing’, subtle marketing, letting her team innovate, and following a ‘whale done’ approach. She plays many roles at work and on a personal front and is a known networker who loves building connections to collaborate and grow together.

Avadhut Desai

Delivery Head | Author | IIM-alumnus | Marketing Enthusiast

Calm, gentle, and soft-spoken, Avadhut is CDM’s Captain Cool. His sense of purpose and commitment drives him to deliver high-quality results within stipulated timelines. Even in high-pressure situations, he remains composed, making sound decisions and guiding his team toward success. 


Account Head | Tech Writer | Actor | Comedian | Filmmaker

A multi-talented person who is great at client and team communications and an expert in technical content writing. He has a sharp wit and a great command of the language, Ajison never fails to make the team laugh. smile.

CDM's Dream Team

Meet the people who make it happen!


Marketing Strategies Head | Art buff

A dynamic part of the team, Pirojaa is a go-getter. As an excellent communicator, she has command over her projects, delivering perfection every time. Her passion for art and spirituality helps her bring ingenuity and authenticity to her work.


Content Writer | Head of Fun | Content Creator

A creative mad-hatter with ideas bouncing off her head, she is made for B2C social media writing. In her free time, she watches a lot of youtube, loves scrolling through social media for gossip, and diligently keeps up with the Kardashians of the world!

Vijayarani Londhe

Designer | Momager | Artist

An artist through and through, Vijaya lets her personal taste shine through her design giving her work a personal touch every time. She enjoys painting and creating videos in her free time.

Karan Shinde

Digital Marketing Specialist | Innovator

With a sharp mind backed with data and research, Karan applies his knowledge for optimised efficiency. He is curious and eager to learn new things. He is constantly looking to upgrade himself and is interested in everything related to tech and the Internet.


Technical Writer | Reader | K-drama enthusiast | Fluent in German

With in-depth and thorough research, Deepti brings precision to her writing. She is soft-spoken and gentle, making her a great team player. She enjoys reading books, watching K-dramas, and exploring new cultures through music, languages, and food in her free time.


Digital Marketing Executive | Painter | Movie Buff | Music Lover

Focused and determined, Ashwini ensures her tasks are always accounted for. When in need of detailed reports, she is your go-to! She also enjoys a good Bollywood blockbuster and can win against anyone at Antakshari!

Priyanka Varshney

Designer | Home-chef | Dancer

With creativity enthused within her, Priyanka is a fun and dynamic addition to out design team. She adds finesse to each design and ensures the brief is followed while hitting the sweet spot between minimalist and elegant aesthetics.


Content Writer | Blogger | Reader

Dedicated to thoroughly researched content, Yaseerr is a perfectionist at heart. When he is not working, you can find him enjoying a good book, cycling or honing his writing skills.