The Hater (2020)

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The Hater – Directed by Jan Komasa

Written by Mateusz Pacewicz

Available on Netflix

The Hater is a Polish psychological thriller movie released in 2020. Directed by Polish filmmaker Jan Komasa, it explores unsettling yet relevant issues such as cyberbullying, social media manipulation, and the shadowy side of online conduct. The movie explores rather uncomfortable yet real dangers of social media. It depicts how technology can incite hatred and violence, influence public opinion, and exploit human flaws and shortcomings.

Tomasz Giemza, portrayed by Maciej Musiaowski, navigates internet harassment, dishonesty, and manipulation after quitting law school. Through social media, Tomasz manipulates public opinion, creates strife, and threatens the lives of those close to him. The movie examines the psychological effects of Tomasz’s decisions and his actions’ impact on himself and others as the situation worsens.

The disturbing portrayal of people using social media to achieve their malicious aims in the movie  raises serious ethical questions. The movie also highlights the perils of fake news, internet radicalization, and the potential decline in compassion and tolerance in the digital era.

Warning: viewer discretion is advised

The movie contains explicit, and disturbing subject matter that may not be suitable for some viewers. However, the film’s exploration of dark subject matter makes it a thought-provoking and an important watch for those interested in the psychological effects of social media and the impact of online behavior.

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